Texas Electric Providers Compete = Lower Utility Bills

by Texas Electric Providers on August 12, 2010

Prior to 2002,  there were few choices in Texas when it came to picking a Texas electric provider. There were just a few companies that produced power, delivered power and billed you for that same power.  If you experienced high prices, poor customer service, there was simply not much you could do about it.   Previously one company handled everything when it came to your Texas electric service, now that has changed.

Well things have certainly changed, Texas is one of the many states that have changed the laws and regulations about utilities, clearing the way for more choices, more reliable service, lower prices, and higher quality customer service. There is competition between like now other amongst Texas electric providers and the tables have turned from the utility company choosing which service and price to the consumer having all of the power.  Now the transmission & distribution, generation, and sales & billing of energy is divided into 3 separate parts, allowing you to get better reliability, lower pricing and quality customer service than ever before. Retail Electric Providers, (REPs) now sell the electricity and handle customer services and billing. They compete for your business by offering a multitude of choices and benefits, pricing options and even a choice to have your electricity provided by renewable energy sources.

You now have a much better choice and selection in regards to Texas electric providers.  No longer are you stuck with companies that are using fossil fuels to produce electricity, there are now many energy alternatives. You simply have more choices in Texas electric service from price , service, how you pay, what type of power, and many more. Now you have the POWER TO CHOOSE.

Now some of these services are not available in all parts of the state – about 75% of Texas has a choice.  Texas-Electric-Providers.com will help you find the right electric company in your area, get you started, whether you have recently moved, or just want a better company. It is important that you find a utility company that is reliable, offers quality customer service and satisfaction, and has payment options that you can afford. Learn more at Choose Energy.